Ambisoft has been developing software solutions for over 10 years. As the sole owner, Marek Publicewicz has completed over 100+ projects across the U.S. and Western Europe.

About me:

I have a M.Sc. in Computer Science and excellent English skills. With 14 years of experience in writing software, I have expertise in Ruby (Sinatra and Rails), Objective-C (iOS), javascript, Java, Scala, PHP, perl, C, C++ and more. I specialize in solving complex problems using multiple technologies, and I excel at completing every project quickly and with quality code.

What I can do for you:

  1. create a working prototype of your idea (both web and mobile),
  2. take over an existing project and add new features,
  3. refactor and clean up the existing codebase,
  4. perform audit on your existing project,
  5. teach you programming techniques via online code mentoring.
To guarantee great quality, I use as much test-driven development as possible (pragmatically rather than religiously)

You can see customer reviews on my past work, and hire me through these platforms:


Marek was a senior developer on the Parkio team and built major pieces of our enterprise transportation product. He's smart, motivated, deeply knowledgeable across the entire web stack, and a consummate professional about his work. Great decision-making skills with a strong sense of practical tradeoffs. Highly recommended as a developer, project lead, or entrepreneur.
March 27, 2014, Dylan Weed, CTO @, Seattle, WA
Marek has been our primary programmer for over 10 years. His work is superb. He has an amazing combination of skills and qualities that make him highly successful and effective. He is very smart and reads extensively to continue developing his skills. He is a hard worker and is willing to work long hours if needed to make deadlines. He is an excellent, organized communicator and is available every day, regardless of time zones. He is a renaissance coder, meaning he has a huge breadth of knowledge in many many languages and platforms. He has a keen business sense and will approach all coding with a great understanding of flexibility and scalability for future business needs.

Most of all, Marek's code is clean and well-structured. This is critical if you expect your software to last through future revisions and iterations. He does not take shortcuts. He develops a solid foundation, adheres strictly to MVC structure, and produces code that is clean, professional, reliable, and extensible.
February 21, 2014,, Manhattan Beach, CA
My team and I were impressed with both with your work and with your communication. Really top notch!
October 10, 2013, Copromote (former, New York City
Marek is the best employee/contractor I have ever dealt with. His response to requests is prompt, he never seems to meet a problem he can't solve and his solutions are ingenious. He thoroughly tests and debugs problems, makes great suggestions for improvements. He has great work ethic and integrity.

I would be more then happy to provide anyone interested in hiring him a more detailed recommendation.
April 27, 2012, Paul Beauchemin, East Aurora, NY
Ambisoft delivered above expectations and below the required time.

Mark understands the project scope 100% and goes out of his way to accommodate the employer. He also comes up with solutions for problems that you may face with technology. I have worked with numerous freelancers in the past and Ambisoft is by far the most professional!
June 27, 2011, Werner Geyser, CapeTown, ZA
It's a pleasure to work with Marek. He has top programing skills and will deliver top quality job. He is very professional and customer oriented. He understand quickly and precisely the needs and will advise you or make propositions if necessary. He know the importance of deadlines and be on time and on budget. He is always available and can work under tight deadline if necessary. I strongly recommend him.
May 20, 2011, Bernard Sauterel Bekauri, Geneva Area, Switzerland
The work he did was outstanding and he reported very quickly with good questions, which show his ability to think into the problem at hand. Highly recommended!
March 23, 2011, Cognovis GmbH, Germany
Great job coming through on a project that went up to the wire. Really appreciate your dedication and reliability.
February 21, 2011, Cosmicube Inc, San Francisco, CA
This man delivers what he promises and then some! He's one of the best programmers we've met in our 10+ years of experience in the programming business. We like working with him very much.

We asked Mark to carry out this project very independently so minimal input (and time) was neccesary from our side. He is perfectly able to understand and execute complex tasks in terms of project requirements, SOAP API and Drupal architecture. He delivered a perfect job, it could literally not be executed any better. We're using him again for our next project, definitely.
December 22, 2010, STC, Enschede, Netherlands
Marek worked with us in late 2009 to completely rewrite our website using a new platform (Ruby on Rails) according to specific requirements. He did a fantastic job of pulling everything together, was communicative throughout the entire contract, and was very willing to work with us after the job completion to ensure that we were entirely satisfied with his work. It was a pleasure working with him and I would eagerly do so again in the future.
December 13, 2010, Heath Morrison, VP Engineering at
I met Marek in my home town, Mountain View, California a few years back when he was visiting the US. Over the years, we have also developed a very cordial and fruitful professional relation. He is not only a highly competent software developer with vast expertise covering many areas of software technologies, but also a pleasure to do business with. His technical competence is beyond doubt, and his pleasant personality, intelligence, prompt responses and attention to his clients, and high quality work are what make working and doing business with him always an enjoyable experience. My startup's user facing Web project has won quite a few praises so far from many parties. Marek's contribution and participation in said project are definitely important. I enjoy knowing him both as a person and as a honorable fellow professional, and will recommend him to anyone seeking his consulting services without reservations.
December 13, 2010, Chin Fang, Founder, Zettar Inc., Mountain View, CA
kingeri works at a very high level. From the first pre-acceptance emails where we discussed the scope and approach to the project, to the final tweaks of the deployed system, kingeri demonstrated that he is a developer with a head on his shoulders. We communicated regularly about technical issues and it felt like I was working with a collaborator rather than a contractor. His assessment of the project was spot-on with the uncertainties and difficulties pretty much where we (he) suspected they would be. I will definitely work with him on future projects.
Sep 20, 2010, Fernando J. Pineda, Associate Professor, John Hopkins Malaria Research Institute
Top Worker. Fast, reliable, eager to help and sugest better ways to improve the end result. Excelent, fast and clear communication. I have used him several times in the past and will continue to use in the future. Thank you Mark.
Apr 29, 2009, GSLI Logistics, Portugal
If I could rate Mark at 12 I would do so. As a first time user of Rentacoder, I could not be happier with Mark"s expertise and the service he provided. He excuted the work with speed and quality. He made this a very easy process and I"m extremely happy that we worked together on this project. I highly recommend Mark
Aug 28, 2009, CafeTycoon, USA
Excellent worker, very participative in findind solutions and helping client. This job was particulary difficult since it involved upgrading a preexisting application without updated source code. Extremely cooperative worker. Will use him again for next applications.
Jan 28, 2008, GSLI Logistics, Portugal
Excellent coding, very thoughtful, committed to doing a good job.
Jan 2, 2006, Victor Cheng, Business Coach, Inc 500 CEO Coach, USA
Kingeri did a great job. He created a very professional, complete system which was well-designed and well-organized. His knowledge and skills are excellent, and he created a script that will be easy to manage and modify in the future. Most importantly, he understood the needs of our users, which some programmers don't focus on. He is a true professional.
Aug 2 2005, FurnitureFinders, Manhattan Beach, CA
Kingeri was superb. He is extremely skilled and knowledgeble, hard-working, fast, and thorough. He codes using the best practices. He takes pride in his work, and made sure the project was done completely to our satisfaction. His skills are broad and deep, so that every facet of our project could be handled with no problems. Finally, Kingeri is also a great pleasure to do business with. Thank you, Mark
Jun 25 2005, FurnitureFinders, Manhattan Beach, CA
A project with considerable amount of frontend and backend components. Finished with way more features than i initially requested. Has put serious thought on data model, implementation and algorithm. Very nice job.
Jan 31, 2005, Zorpia Co. Ltd, Hong Kong
Superb job with postgresql and perl - an outstanding worker. Very fine sense of humor too. A pleasure to work with.
Dec 22, 2004, Paulo Andre MD, CEO at MDinteractive, Boston, MA
He's installed bugzilla for us. another worker tried it for one whole day but it didn't work. It only took him a few hours to install AND hack it to add some new features. He's just a genius.
Dec 6, 2004, Zorpia Co. Ltd, Hong Kong
He has completed my project again. He is a thorough thinker. For the sake of the project, he had written me a lot of functions that I didn"t even ask for. I simply can't thank him more. I wish he will only work for my projects hehe.
Oct 21, 2004, Zorpia Co. Ltd, Hong Kong
What seemed to be a simple project turned into one of those that are like an onion. Each layer revealed more complex challenges and produced more tears. Fortunately Marek was one of those rare individuals that not only absorbed the added work load without complaint but had the technical knowledge to overcome the problems. I would highly recommend Marek not only because of his technical ablity but also because of his integrity. Fred
Jun 16, 2004 (can't find the exact client details)
Terrific programmer. Mark went above and beyond my wildest expectations, asked questions I'd never thought of, and was able to handle changes to the original project I hadn't foreseen. He was able to work with an older version of some critical that I wasn't even aware of. He'll definitely be my #1 choice to do any future programming. Excellent excellent programmer!
Jan 9, 2004, Ray Owens,, USA
Fast delivery of the project. Managed to deliver everything as required and more. Definitely my port of call for future Postnuke modules.
Dec 16, 2003,, UK
Went above and beyond the call of duty. Writes efficient and portable perl.
Dec 9, 2003 (can't find the exact client details)
He found the problem quickly and communicated extremely well.
Dec 2, 2003 David Duval,, USA