About Me

  • has been coding in C, Pascal and assembly since early high school,
  • started working as a junior C programmer in 1998 (programming mobile devices),
  • in 2000-2005 helped to bootstrap a profitable company, which became the dominant financial data provider in the country,
  • 2003 M.Sc. in computer science, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland,
  • software consultant & freelancer at large starting from 2005,
  • 2007-2008 worked as a senior java developer for Syncron,
  • full-time consultant again since August 2008,
  • highly proficient in multitple programming languages, frameworks and libraries:
    • javascript, jQuery, AJAX, Backbone.js,
    • Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, RSpec,
    • Objective-C and native Apple APIs, iPhone & iPad apps,
    • Java, Hibernate, Spring Web MVC, Scala, Lift,
    • PHP, Wordpress plugins, Drupal modules, CakePHP, Laravel,
    • perl, Catalyst, mod_perl,
    • C, C++, Win API programming
    • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, AWS, Linux server administration, shell scripting
  • has completed over 140 projects for US/Western Europe companies, and counting,
  • big fan of startups, simplicity and refactoring, can help execute good ideas quickly and efficiently.

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